farmVal unlocks
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We Provide Digital Credit Score Evaluation of Farm Quality

What We Do

We help guarantee that farmers will have the necessary capital they need to scale operations and produce food for the world's 9 billion people by 2050. We provide credit scoring for affordable farming loans and profitable investment opportunities through an innovative machine learning platform.

FarmVal is the first fully-fledged credit scoring platform focused exclusively on agriculture. We offer unique, fair, and live credit risk assessment to farmers through the application of machine learning to agricultural & financial data. Our unique solution uses a mixture of IoT soil sensors, crop yield forecasts and sustainability measures to evaluate the farmer.

Our Services

Credit Score

We use Microsoft FarmBeats IoT technology to gather data and train our ML model to calculate credit scores farms.

Risk Assessment

We use predictive analytics based on farmers historical data to help reduce risks of crop damage and financial loss.


Insurance companies can build on our platform and enable smart contracts and trigger automatic insurance claims.

Credit Score Evaluation

credit_score eval